Facilitate the protection, management and sustainable use of maritime resources

CIDCO seeks to develop new methods of acquisition and analysis to assist in environmental management. These analytical results facilitate the protection, management and sustainable use of marine resources. Current endeavors include:

  • Artificial reefs
  • Aquaculture
  • Characterization of benthic habitat
  • Coastal erosion

Some examples of related projects:


Ghost fishing project

Each year, traps (including buoys and ropes) are accidentally lost at sea by fishermen. In 2015, 85% of North Atlantic Right Whale deaths along the US East Coast were attributed to fishing gear. This project aims to find an effective solution for the detection of abandoned fishing gear. The goal is to arrive with a powerful acquisition tool coupled with an automatic detection algorithm that will allow recovery campaigns to be carried out on large areas.


Characterization of seabed from bathymetric and multispectral LiDAR data

This project aims to develop a methodology for characterizing large-scale submerged coastal habitats from opportunity data (existing data originally acquired for other uses). This project focuses on the optimal use of data and an intelligent classification that will be enhanced as more data accumulates over time.


Crowd-sourcing bathymetry in northern Canada

The objective of this pilot project is to valorize data acquired by the local community with a pre-qualified platform (HydroBall), to manage and disseminate the data. This project was done in collaboration with DFO and members of the COMREN network.